Andrea du Plessis is multi-disciplinary artist based in Cape Town, specializing primarily in the fields of traditional painting and new media. She has studied Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria, completed a postgraduate diploma in Art Therapy in the UK, and in 2021 completed her degree in Multimedia Digital Visual Arts (UNISA).

Du Plessis uses her practise as means of exploring humanity’s complex relationship to both nature and technology. The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked in her an interest in the sublime experience and the interplay between nature, technology and spirituality.

Her creative methodology involves extensive experimentation with emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR), algorithmic art, as well as image and sound generated by artificial intelligence (AI). She also revisits antiquity through her use of traditional oil painting techniques used by the old masters, such as glazing and the golden ratio.

By juxtaposing the 18th century Romantic tradition of painting with contemporary, emerging technologies she aims to create a tension-filled interface momentarily transporting the viewer into a familiar yet alien world whilst offering an opportunity to reflect on their relationship with nature and our changing landscape.

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